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OK HS Regional Entries 1A - 4A
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                    - - - Entries Open:  5:00pm --- Monday --- April 25TH                                         Go to your ENDURO Entries account after this time to enter your athletes and their seed times/marks.             Entries Open (Entries Deadline) / Entries Correction Period / Corrections-Declarations Deadline                     Mon - Wed: Add athletes, times/marks  ---  (Thurdsay noon to Friday noon)  ---  FINAL Declaration DeadlineFriday Noon PLEASE do not enter more than ONE (1) regional meet. If you have more than one regional meet on your ENDURO Entries schedule - you must DELETE the meet from your schedule that is not the meet you will be attending.  -  -  -  This must be done before Friday morning.         To remove a meet from your ENDURO Entries schedule, log into your account and click the red "Remove" link beside the name of the meet on your "Main Roster" page.  If you have a Boys Roster and a Girls Roster on your account, please remove the incorrect meet from both rosters.
ENTRY DEADLINE  - - -  April 27TH - 5:00pm  - - -  All athletes must be added to    their respective regional meet (with seed times/marks) BEFORE this deadline. All entries are through ENDURO (TrackRoster). No EXCEPTIONS.               ENTRY CORRECTIONS PERIOD Begins:  (Accounts/meets reopened for corrections only.) - - - Make FINAL CORRECTIONS between Thursday at NOON and Friday at NOON.       During the Entry Corrections Period you must DELETE all athletes from your        entries who are not going to compete in a regional meet on Saturday.                      Return to this page to review Performance List - beginning Thursday 12 NOON.  - - - An "Exceptions Report" will be published with each Performance List. (see below)        The "Exceptions Report" contains mistakes that were made when entering        athletes into competition on ENDURO Entries.             Coaches - - - check your entries to make sure the times, marks and events              are entered correctly. Common mistakes are as follows:                       - 100m Dash ----- 11minutes - 30 seconds instead of 11.3 seconds.                       - A girl is entered in the 110m hurdles instead of the 100m Hurdles.                       - A boy is entered in the 100m hurdles instead of the 110m Hurdles.                       - Athlete was entered in the wrong Division. (For example: 5A vs 6A)                            If you do not see an athlete entered in an event, look at the other                            division to see if your athlete is in the event in the other division.        To edit an athlete's time/mark on your ENDURO Entries account, go to Step #4,        delete the effected event, then add the event again with the correct time/mark.        Make all corrections on ENDURO Entries before the final deadline. (see below)        Incorrect times, marks and events may result in the loss of heat and lane preference. Thursday / Noon      ENTRY CORRECTIONS - DECLARATIONS DEADLINE - - -  April 29TH @  NOON!!!                                      Friday @ Noon - FINAL DEADLINE  Each school must DELETE all athletes from their ENTRIES who will not compete in the Regional meet. This must be done before the Declaration Deadline, which is                            Friday @ NOON. - - - NO EXCEPTIONS Entries that are on your ENDURO Entries account, and who are entered CORRECTLY in the correct regional meet as of Friday @ 12:01pm, are your FINAL DECLARATIONS.                       As of Friday - 12:01pm, your entries are DECLARED and FINAL. -- ALL ENTRIES ARE CLOSED (Friday noon) FOR ALL REGIONAL MEETS.  Return to this webpage to view and print your copy of the Meet Program, which will have heat and lane assignment information for your region. - - - (See below.) Coaches meeting - - - 8:30     There will NOT be a "Scratch" meeting on Saturday morning prior to the meet.     Please note: Due to the availability of the Meet Program (seeded entries) below,     heat sheets will not be on display for review at the coaches meeting.                                Field Events - - - - - - - 9:30 Running - - - - - - - - - - 9:45
The Performance List will be available on this page beginning Thursday, April 28TH   at 12:00 noon. (see below) PERFORMANCE LIST Click on the red link to the right of your regional assignment to view the Performance List for your region. If your athlete or relay team is listed on the Exceptions Report, that means you most likely made an incorrect entry on your ENDURO Entries (TrackRoster) account. Review your entry for that athlete or relay team and correct the entry between Thursday 12 noon (April 28th) and Friday 12 noon (April 29th).
WEDNESDAY (5:00pm)
SATURDAY (8:30am)
FRIDAY  (noon)
Run ENDURO - - - For more information, please click HERE                                                                   ©  Copyright  2009-2016,  the ENDURO Group, LLC;  All Rights Reserved
Cache Regional - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries                Checotah Regional - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries             Cherokee Regional - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries    Chisholm Regional - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries       Luther Regional - - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries           Okemah Regional - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries          Stroud Regional - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries          Sulphur Regional - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries          Tishomingo Regional - - - Performance List - - - Exceptions Report - - - Excessive Entries
  - - - Print your copy of the Meet Program below. - - - If your entries are incorrect due to administrative errors, please contact Darren:                  Available after Friday at 8pm Cache  Meet Program Checotah  Meet Program Cherokee Meet Program Chisholm Meet Program Luther  Meet Program Okemah  Meet Program Stroud Meet Program Sulphur Meet Program Tishomingo Meet Program
All “corrections” made on your account AFTER the Entry Deadline on Wednesday (5pm) WILL NOT be reflected in the Performance Lists below. Corrections made within your ENDURO Entries account after Thursday will be available on the Meet Program only - - - which will be published on Friday after 8:00pm.
MONDAY (5:00pm)
REGIONAL  WEEK  TIMELINE  -  -  -  1A, 2A, 3A, 4A   (OSSAA T&F Regionals) 
IMPORTANT REMINDER - - - ADDS:  There are absolutely NO adds after the final “Corrections - Declarations” deadline (Friday),                which also means there are absolutely NO adds on the day of the regional meets.  SCRATCHES:  All scratches during the regional meets must be approved by the Meet Director                          or Meet Referee.  Scratches are allowed for an absent or injured athlete.                          All athletes not scratched should check in for their respective events and make an                             “honest effort” to compete.  Races will not be “re-seeded” at the regional meets.
Scroll to the bottom of this window to find the Performance Lists starting on Thursday afternoon - - - and the final Meet Program after 8:00pm on Friday.
Due to NUMEROUS late entries (past the final -Friday Noon- deadline) the meet programs and final meet databases will not be available untill late Friday night or early Saturday morning for the 1A-4A Regional meets.